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tv   KPIX 5 News at Noon  CBS  March 11, 2015 12:00pm-12:31pm PDT

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your realtime captioner is linda marie macdonald. a family of five escapes an early-morning fire and now two kids and their dad are fighting for their lives. i'm michelle griego. good afternoon. >> i'm juliette goodrich in for frank mallicoat. kpix 5's ryan takeo joins us live from where the flames
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erupted in san francisco's mission district. ryan, you just spoke with relatives of the victims? >> reporter: yeah. that's right. in the last hour, we talked to a cousin, now family friends and names identify the father in this fire as mohammed saibe [ phonetic ]. this is the victim's cousin. >> they are okay. they suffered smoke inhalation. i'm shocked. i'm glad they are okay at the hospital. we are gonna go visit them now. >> reporter: so the cousin and neighbors say that the man's family lives up on the second floor and then below, that's where mohammed manages a liquor store here at the corner of 24th and treat. now all five are at the hospital. the father and two children have the most serious injuries. >> we had five challenging rescues, a mother, father and three children. >> reporter: some firefighters fought the flames while others searched the building for more victims.
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>> there was people, you know, screaming yelling and emotional scene. so yeah they are in the dark heavy smoke conditions, active flames. >> reporter: firefighters rescued the family of five from three different locations inside. they rescued the parents from the back of the building. then over here at the stairs, that's where they rescued the 13-year-old daughter. and then up here on the second floor is where they rescued a 16 and 6-year-old. >> i'm worried. i'm concerned for the family. crews did like i said a phenomenal job. they had pretty much everyone out within minutes but they had suffered serious injuries. >> reporter: the dad, his daughter and 6-year-old son were all unconscious when firefighters first pulled them from the house. the three went to sf general in life-threatening condition. late this morning, the fire department did give this hopeful update. >> they did regain pulses on all three. two of them i don't know what their status is. but the youngest one actually regained consciousness. so we're really happy about that. >> reporter: the mom and oldest son went to st. francis with
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breathing problems. they are in critical condition. >> i went over there yesterday. >> reporter: carmen works across the street and can't believe what happened since she left yesterday. >> you have to appreciate every day that you live. i hope they're okay. >> reporter: firefighters haven't said how the fire started. that's still under investigation. meanwhile, they do say that at the time right now it does not appear suspicious. live in san francisco, in the mission district, i'm ryan takeo, kpix 5. >> and two others were sleeping inside the liquor store. fire crews had to cut a padlock so they could be rescued. those would were not hurt and ran from the scene. it was exactly one year ago today when a massive fire destroyed nearly an entire block in the mission. an apartment building under construction went up in flames. and still cleaning a year later. the fire led to new rules on all construction sites in san francisco. a blackhawk helicopter taking part in a training exercise off the florida coast
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has crashed. all 11 servicemembers on board at the time are presumed dead. craig boswell has the latest from washington, d.c. >> reporter: crews are scouring the beach near eglin air force base for more debris and remains after an army helicopter went down off the florida coast. seven marines and four army national guard crew members were on board the blackhawk. the crash happened during a routine training mission with a second helicopter that returned safely. weather may have been a factor. the national weather service had issued a dense fog advisory. >> a reminder to us that those who serve, um, put themselves at risk both in training and in combat. >> reporter: search-and-rescue teams are being organized out of a mobile command post in navarre, florida, and heavy fog is hampering their efforts. the marines were based in north carolina at camp lejeune. four soldiers from an army national guard unit in hammond, louisiana. >> our thoughts and prayers are
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with them as the search-and- rescue continues. >> reporter: the pentagon is holding the names of the victims to notify family members. craig boswell, cbs 2 news washington. >> officials say they are focusing the search for remains on the santa rosa sound which is a narrow waterway separating santa rosa island from florida's mainland. searchers found debris at elgin air force base at about 2:00 wednesday morning. this debris washed up on the north and south sides of santa rosa sound which connects mainland northern florida and a barrier island. president obama is calling for a thorough probe into the crash and expressed his condolences to the families. fbi agents and police raided several vietnamese cafes and restaurants last night seizing up to 100 illegal video gambling machines. authorities have been going after those machines for years. and as kpix 5's kiet do tells us the raids were one of the largest operations ever against illegal gambling in san jose. >> reporter: our cameras were there as fbi agents carted
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several gambling machines out of the golden king cafe in east san jose. it was part of a coordinated series of raids on the vietnamese cafes and restaurants across the city targeting illegal gambling. fbi agents who participated in the raid were typically tight- lipped. >> the only thing i can confirm at this time is that we're serving multiple search and arrest warrants in the area. >> reporter: police say in all they seized up to 100 machines from 11 different locations. investigators say gambling has made these businesses hotbeds for prostitution, drugs and violence. kiet do, kpix 5. >> several dozen people were detained during the raids but it's unclear how many were actually arrested. a police chase spanning the east bay came to an abrupt end early this morning. the man finally crashed in lafayette after officers in martinez tried to pull him over. police found a gun and drugs when they searched the car. there was already a felony warrant for his arrest. he is now in custody. the woman behind one of silicon valley's most high-
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profile lawsuits will take the stand for the third day today. elin pao is suing kleiner perkins caufield & byers for sex discrimination. she has been on the witness stand telling her side of the story this week. during cross-examination yesterday, lawyers tried to poke holes in her testimony. she is suing for $16 million in damages saying she wasn't promoted because she was a woman. hillary clinton says it would have been better to use two email accounts when is she was secretary of state but says she is did not wrong. she is under fire for deleting 30,000 messages from a private account used for personal and business emails while she was secretary of state. she says they were not work- related. >> she was the sole arbiter of what's a public record and what's a private record. and you don't get to grade your own papers in our society. which is why i think we need a neutral detached arbiter. >> clinton spoke out about the email controversy saying it was more convenient to use a
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personal account. she also says that no emails contained classified information and there were no security breaches. the city of berkeley will soon require some liquor stores to install security cameras. last night, the city council passed an ordinance calling for stores in high crime areas to have surveillance cameras. mayor tom bates says the latest numbers show crime is already down but more cameras will make things even safer. >> it will make a big difference because, you know, we can then identify people. we can see people doing burglaries or robberies or whatever crime and can connect them to the video. >> the law is scheduled to go into effect next month. some people in berkeley say they would like to see the ordinance go a step further and cover all liquor stores in the city. thousands of homeless people are getting healthcare today in san francisco. mayor ed lee held kickoff project homeless connect this morning. it's a one-stop shop for homeless people to get help. they can get medical, dental and vision care as well as help
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for employment. as many as 2,000 homeless are expected at the event. >> we kind of find to make sure they know how to take care of themselves and then we can get housing. >> a town hall event later today will bring together several nonprofit and community organizations to come up with solutions to end homelessness and later this afternoon, a transitional housing site for youth will open its doors. 24 units in the marina will provide supportive housing for children who recently aged out of foster care. a former university of oklahoma fraternity member is apologizing after chanting racial slurs. now students are responding at the university with a rallying cry. >> no more chanting. >> they are trying to counter the sae fraternity chant that boasted there would never be an african-american member. one said his actions were fueled by alcohol. two students in the video have
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been expelled. >> do i accept the apology? [ pause ] >> no! >> as i was walking on campus the other day, all i could look at was all these trees on campus. and how someone wants to hang me from them. >> there have been black members of sae one of whom says he thought progress was being made against racism until now. the sae chapter has been shut down and all the students have moved out of the fraternity house at the campus. tonight animal rights groups will be at an east bay school board meeting to demand better treatment of wild cats. the groups say the district is boarding up access under the liberty high campus in brentwood killing the feral cats that have made the crawl space their home. cat lovers say there's a better solution. >> this is a door we gave them but they don't use it but it's a door with a clear view and it only goes one direction, so the cat can go out but not in.
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>> we reached out to district officials and so far, no response. taking to the water in nothing but cardboard. why these kids are floating away. >> it was a wet start to the day but not much a dent if the drought. how much rain we really need. >> but i'll take whatever we can get. good afternoon, everybody. we'll talk about just how much rain did fall, when it will come back again and the record warm temperatures expected. it's all straight ahead as the
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taking a look at the big board right now you can see the dow is up slightly just about
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1.5 points. two vans carrying millions of dollars worth of jewels in france were attacked by 15 armed robbers. the assailants forced out the drivers at gunpoint and took off with the vans on a highway south of paris. investigators found the getaway vans and card burned-out and abandoned in a forest nearby. the 9 1/2 million dollars of jewels were missing. no one was injured. student leaders at uc- irvine voted to ban flags from its lobby including the american flag. >> she does not have a right to come over here and disrespect our flag. >> a student panel approved the resolution last week but it was quickly overturned. reaction has been strong to this. in fact, a threat of violence prompted the university to cancel a student government meeting last night. fifth graders at kr smith elementary school in san jose got to test their nautical skills today. students have spent the last six weeks building these boats out of cardboard.
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each holds 3 to 4 students. the principal says it's about getting their boat to float, not about pass/fail. >> we wanted to prepare our kids for this ever changing world. jobs that our kids are going to have aren't even created yet. having the "stem" skills having the collaboration they are going to do are real life and we don't think you need to wait until they are in the real world to make it the real world. >> students only used glue, tape and cardboard to build their boats. [ laughter ] >> impressive. >> boats that float. >> boats that float. rain sprinkled parts of san francisco this morning. this is a look at the drizzle coming down on market street. the little rain that fell did not add much to our rainfall totals, though, most areas with .10". >> like the little rain that could. [ laughter ] >> come on, little rain! >> it was an impressive system, too. but its target area was to the north of the bay area, the pacific northwest and also british columbia. but we did get a little bit of
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light precipitation made for slick roads out there. good afternoon, everyone. let's call on our hi-def doppler radar. when you thought all the little rain that could was out of here, you can see we have a new band of light showers moving in right off the coast there. so you will need an umbrella at least for the next couple of hours. otherwise, precipitation totalities just over a tenth, barely, in milpitas. this is the scene looking towards the golden gate bridge where we have mostly cloudy skies. air temperature 64 degrees there. otherwise 60 to about 64 degrees. that's the temperature stat. this is a beautiful view from lick observatory towards the santa clara rally. partly cloudy conditions tonight with fog after midnight. then warmer weather with near to record warmth all the way through tuesday. impressive area of low pressure but fast-moving. it had a big job to do breaking through the dry air mass banging up the very strong ridge of high pressure so we willly just got side wiped with
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the tail end of it, really. temperatures in the 40s. 46 at kirkwood with light rain. we are hoping for snow in alpine meadows. you can ski at alpine meadows and squaw valley on one ticket. red dog my favorite trail of the day. back at home temperatures today with that spotty scattered shower tapering off into the mid- to high 60s. the winds have been all over the place. southeast at 12 now in san jose. we'll be rotating to the north 10 to 15 miles an hour later on tonight. there's your sunset at 7:13. a little hint of fog early tomorrow morning at 7:26. and then we have high pressure building in. as it does so, our temperatures will be well above average beginning with thursday. then check it out. saturday will be the warmest of the weekend. but temperatures approaching near 70 degrees at the beaches. low and mid-80s each day from friday all the way through tuesday. and you know what, gang, when you look at that you're going to say, hey, i want to track weather with you. and i invite you, you can be my
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personal weather watcher, visit us at all you need is a thermometer, rain gauge, couple of other pieces of equipment. you need your photograph because we'll put your photograph on television and then we'll talk about weather where you live. >> you're already getting cool pictures. >> lots of great pictures, too, yeah. and you know, everybody has a little bit of a weather nut inside of them, i'm finding out as well. >> a bit. >> tiny little weather nut. >> my favorite weather center i have in my backyard is called a vermont weather stick. i took a picture of it yesterday. i'll take one again today when i get home but when it goes up, high pressure is building in and when the stick goes down, rain is coming. so i can't wait to get home. i couldn't take a picture at 1:45 a.m. >> you're a big nut. [ laughter ] the bay area is brimming with tech companies. how to get your foot in the door in one of the fastest growing industries. >> and a remind, if you have a consumer problem or question, call our hotline at at 888-5- helps-u. volunteers are there right now.
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cooking with colors, tony tantillo shops for peppers. >> well, today's tip of the day is going to be is with orange peppers. i haven't done this tip in a long time. right now in the market they
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are fabulous but you have to select and store them right. when you buy it, bright orange all the way around. the stem attached nice and green. and they are shriveling or the decay starts on the crown. so make sure here it's free from any of that. when you bring them home, simply store them in the refrigerator right away. they are great to saute. they are great just about any type of recipe and what i like to do with them is i mix them up like a saute dish with all the owe colors, it's a treat for the eyes along with the palate. orange peppers in the market, enjoy. i'm tony tantillo, your fresh grocer. and always remember to eat fresh and stay healthy. we'll be right back. but first, in today's job market report, jill schlesinger looks at the best entry level tech jobs. reporter: everyone knows that the red-hot information technology industry holds the potential for growth. but where can newcomers gain a foothold? wallet hub conducted analysis to find the best entry level jobs and i.t. related positions took four of the top five spots. number one on the list was web
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application developer with a median salary of more than $68,000 followed by information security analyst at over $67,000 here in the bay area. if you're interested in technology-based jobs, has thousands of listings at every i.t. level. you can also customize your search and narrow it down for positions in your area. dice is also great for analyzing technology trends getting career advice, dice even allows you to ask a tech question in the discussion area. you can also create a confidential profile to post your resume' and the best part: it's all free. i'm jill schlesinger for kpix 5.
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run tonight at 5:00 a commute -- coming up tonight at 5:00 a commute without tolltakers. it's happened on the golden gate bridge. now there's talk of making every bay area bridge all- electronic. that and more coming up at 5:00. love is in the air at the san diego zoo. giant pandas bai yun and gaogao are apparently ready to mate. they gave them access to each other this week for the first time in three years. after they noticed the female's hormone levels were up. female giant pandas can breed once a year for three days and staff won't know if it will yield a cub until a possible birth in july. so we'll have to wait and see.
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>> aww. >> a birth in july. >> who knows. it could happen. >> how about that. [ laughter ] >> that's so cute. >> yup. they're ready. [ laughter ] >> what are they doing? >> they're talking. [ laughter ] >> checking out the weather stick. [ laughter ] >> they are getting to know each other. [ laughter ] >> don't bug me. [ laughter ] >> oh, that's it for kpix 5 news at noon. >> was it okay to show that on the news? >> i think it's okay. >> we'll find out from
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